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Why Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty, is a surgery performed on patients who desire a well-toned, flat abdomen. Many women and men who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly are still frustrated when they have trouble achieving the appearance they want in their midsections. Seeking help from a cosmetic plastic surgeon is an excellent way to sculpt and tone your stomach.
Pregnancy and weight loss can also leave your belly with a saggy, stretched out look. Other patients complain about difficulty buying clothes because their stomach protrudes too much or hangs over their pant line. By removing excess fat and skin and by tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall, we are able to give our patients the taut, firm stomach they ask for.
Please do not forget as with all procedures, your tummy tuck results will be most satisfying if you have realistic expectations and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Candidates For Abdominoplasty

A good candidate for abdominoplasty is someone who has been unable to tone his or her abdominal muscles in spite of following a healthy diet and exercise regime. Many women find that after pregnancy, their stomachs won’t “bounce back” to their pre-pregnancy shape. It is very common for overly stretched abdominal muscles to remain stretched out, and only surgical intervention will create optimal improvement for many women. Consider a tummy tuck if you have:
– Loose skin or muscles in the abdomen that do not improve with exercise
– A lax-appearing abdominal region following childbirth
– Extra hanging skin after significant weight loss
People who have decent abdominal muscle tone but can’t rid themselves of excess belly flab may be able to improve their appearance solely through the use of liposuction. After a physical examination, Dr. Osmanoglu can tell you if liposuction makes sense for you.

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