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Why Arm Lift

Arm Lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is the cosmetic correction of drooping skin on the upper arm. Through heredity, weight changes, and aging, skin on the upper arms can become saggy and loose. In many cases, diet and exercise won’t be able to sufficiently tighten and tone the upper arms.
By removing excess fat and skin, we are able to tighten and restore the elasticity lost over time. If you are embarrassed by your arms and feel the need to hide them in baggy clothing, an Arm Lift can not only fix the physical appearance of your arms but also give you back the confidence to wear your sleeveless shirts again.

Candidates For Arm Lift

Arm Lift surgery can be performed on a large variety of patients including normal weight patients who simply need a little tightening. However the majority of patients are massive weight loss patients that have stabilized their weight loss and do not have out of control medical problems. This plastic surgery procedure may be right for you if you have:
– Loose, hanging skin on your upper arms
– A flabby upper arm appearance
– Self consciousness about wearing short sleeved shirts or tank tops

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