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Why Fat Transfer

Fat transfer can augment soft tissue of the face to fill in, contour and renew your appearance. In addition to synthetic injectable fillers, Dr. Osmanoglu offers fat transfer for Esthe-Line patients who want to fill in wrinkles, hollows, acne scars, and other skin imperfections.
Dr. Osmanoglu has extensive experience with advanced techniques. During the consultation, he will evaluate your unique facial structure, aging pattern and specific desires in order to select which treatment is most appropriate.
Fat transfer has the benefit of using your own tissue, meaning that no allergy tests are needed and you should not experience any adverse reactions following the procedure.
To begin the procedure, Dr. Osmanoglu removes some of the patient’s own fat tissue from a donor area such as the abdomen or upper portion of the hip via liposuction. Alternatively, he can use some of the excess fat removed during a cosmetic surgery procedure like breast reduction or a tummy tuck at Esthe-Line. He purifies these fat cells before re-injecting them into the treatment area.

Candidates For Fat Transfer

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, candidates for a liposuction and fat grafting procedure should be in good general health with realistic expectations regarding the results. It is important that candidates are free from certain medical conditions, including heart or vascular disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or any type of bleeding disorder.
Individuals with good skin elasticity are typically good candidates for fat transfer injections. Skin elasticity is important because, the better your elasticity, the easier your body will adjust to the newly developed contours. For example, individuals with proper skin elasticity usually experience great results following the removal of fat from the donor site, as their collagen and elastin cells enable their tissues to bounce back and easily adjust.
All candidates for a liposuction and fat transfer procedure should be committed to maintaining the results of the procedure through certain lifestyle changes. Furthermore, following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions will ensure that the areas enhanced using fat grafting are healing normally.

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