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Why Nose Surgery

Nasal Surgery or Rhinoplasty (“nose job”) is the precise surgical alteration of the nose to change its overall shape and/or improve or maintain its function. The nose lies centrally, unlike other parts of our body and face. Therefore, even slight asymmetries in the nose can be immediately apparent. The goal of a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty should be to eliminate a distraction so that the other more aesthetically pleasing facial features become more noticeable.
Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of your nose, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. Breathing problems, such as those caused by a deviated septum, nasal valve collapse, or enlarged turbinates may also be corrected at the same time as the cosmetic changes.
A realistic goal of any plastic surgery is to seek improvement rather than perfection. No surgeon can guarantee results because surgery depends not only on a surgeon’s experience and skill, but also on the nature of a patient’s particular problem, state of health, skin texture, nasal anatomy and ability to heal.
Rhinoplasty is by far the most complex and artistic procedure in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Osmanoglu believes that the goal of rhinoplasty should be a nose that looks attractive and natural, and is in harmony with the rest of the face without having an “operated-on” look.
The most important aspect of considering if you are a candidate for rhinoplasty is if the surgery is something you and only you are wanting. Rhinoplasty must be your choice, not the influence of another person or a celebrity image you are trying to achieve.

Candidates For Rhinoplasty

If you have never been fully satisfied with your nose’s appearance, your cosmetic concerns may be the first factor in identifying yourself as a candidate for rhinoplasty.
Whether you have a bump on your nose, a crooked portion of cartilage or an area that you consider slightly too large or small, these are all issues that affect your appearance and may make you a rhinoplasty candidate.
However, A good candidate is someone who has realistic expectations of the surgery as well as understands the responsibilities they will have to take on prior to and after the surgery is completed.
Rhinoplasty surgery can address the following shape issues with your nose:
– Adjust nose width
– Alter the tip of an upturned, large, drooping or bulbous nose
– Correct an uneven nose shape
– Even the nose profile
– Thin the nasal bridge
Your nose must be fully developed before you can be a rhinoplasty candidate. Your surgeon will evaluate your bone structure to ensure your facial growth has completed.
Typically, a physician will not perform rhinoplasty on someone 13 years of age or younger because the bones may not have yet set in place. Performing a rhinoplasty procedure before your face has fully developed means your results may not be lasting or your results may not be as effective as you hoped.

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