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Why Penis Reshaping

Many of us are often afraid to talk about so called “embarrassing areas”; hence why one of the least talked about areas of cosmetic surgery is that available for the male genitalia or penis.
Modern society has become obsessed with the “size matters” argument, leading some men to feel that their penis size is somewhat inadequate, especially in a communal situation of undress such as gym changing room showers or when with a sexual partner; hence tempting them to seek ways of increasing both penile length and girth (width).
Due to this preoccupation with penis size, many non-surgical methods are now touted as remedies, with everything from pills to pumps and massage techniques offered as a means of enhancing the penis; but the only really successful way of altering the size and shape of a penis is through surgical procedures.

Candidates For Penis Reshaping

Very few men actually have a very small penis, known in medical terms as a micropenis, where a stretched flaccid penis is less than 4cm (1.5inches) in length or 7cm (2.5 inches) when erect.
Despite being reduced in size, a penis smaller than the average will still function as normal and problems are only noted, often leading to a lack of self-confidence, when with a sexual partner and vaginal penetration is attempted.
Should a man still be concerned about the length or girth of his penis, there are now a range of surgical options available, which can address and hopefully resolve these problems.
The most common methods of enlarging the penis involve lengthening and widening. These techniques can be performed either as separate operations, together in a single surgery.

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